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More thoughts on editing

Yep, I'm still at it. As a matter of fact, I set my foot down yesterday, informed my online writing buddies I would be scarce, shut out the world and got down to business. I did 8 hours of editing yesterday, woo hoo me! I am determined to be finished before April is over.

The thought came to me last night as I was working that editing is tedious, but it MUST be. It's seeking perfect grammar and punctuation while panning for gold. Each word must earn it's right to be there. You read a paragraph out loud until it sounds exactly like you think it should if you were reading a book that's not your book.

If any axiom applies to editing, it's the old "one day at a time" deal. Even though I have a tentative goal in mind to be finished by, I can't let that be my main goal. The main goal is making the page I am working on today the best it can be.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Great Article

A Novice's Guide to Writing
by Mike Shea Feb. 2004

We all love our little Moleskine notebooks. We all know that the notebook is worthless if it has no words in it. Many of us want to write, whether it is fiction, a travelog, a journal, poetry, or just notes. Some of us have discovered that writing isn't as easy as we thought. Sometimes the ideas just aren't there. Sometimes we look at our sentences and realize the prose sucks. Most of the time, we simply do not have the time.

I am not a professional writer. I have never been paid for any single sentence outside of my day job. I have little authority to write this article. I do write, however, and I want to constantly improve.

Two books and one essay have made the biggest difference in my writing. Strunk and White's The Elements of Style, Stephen King's On Writing, and George Orwell's Politics and the English Language.

Strunk and White – the book is almost always referred to by its authors – includes some of the most useful and simple instruction for writing, whatever the style. Its push for simplicity, technical correctness, and solid form may seem a contradiction to creative writing, but it is not.

Our story is where our creative spirit lies. The words, sentences, and paragraphs we use to create it should be simple and clear. This is what makes Stephen King's books so good. People may throw his work away as simplistic low-class horror. In reality, his stories are rich and powerful and so well communicated that you can rip through a five hundred page book in a weekend and not realize you've done it. Stephen King has learned how to communicate his story with simplicity and power.

There is a lot of great stuff in Strunk and White. Its worth every penny of your seven bucks. Read it, highlight it, carry it along with your Moleskines and your fancy snobby pens.

Keep the following Strunk and White tips handy. Use them whenever you write. Keep them in the little back pocket of your Moleskine.

* Choose a suitable design
* Use the active voice
* Put statements in positive form
* Use definite, specific, concrete language
* Omit needless words
* Place yourself in the background
* Write naturally
* Write with nouns and verbs
* Revise and rewrite
* Do not overwrite
* Avoid qualifiers
* Do not affect a breezy manner
* Use orthodox spelling
* Do not explain too much
* Do not construct awkward adverbs
* Avoid fancy words
* Avoid dialect
* Avoid mixing languages
* Prefer the standard to the offbeat

These are not the only rules of the book. These are the ones that stand out in my mind every time I sit down to write. They make sense for both fiction and non-fiction. While they may seem to break the creative process with oppressive rules, they will make your writing simple, clear, and powerful.

An interesting topic for Moleskinners is the subject of re-writing. The words in our fancy notebooks are most often a first draft. One time I tried to write a story out on a PC first and then copy it by hand into my Moleskine when I was finished. I found the process so painful that I won't try it again. If we hope that our Moleskines and archival quality ink will last hundreds of years, we must accept that those who read it in 2400 AD will be reading our first drafts.

Stephen King is the best popular author currently living. He has written over forty novels and two hundred short stories. In "On Writing" he tells his story and he tells the reader how to write. Of all of the tips in this book the two most powerful and most simple are also the hardest to follow.

* Read four hours a day
* Write four hours a day

Its that easy. Read a lot and write a lot and you will improve. There are a few other good tips in his book but none of them come easy. Like dieting, we all know what we need to do to lose weight, the hard part is doing it.

Few of us think we have the time to read four hours a day but books on CD can help. My two hour a day commute has been much more bearable by listening to unabridged books on CD. It's one way to squeeze in a bit more reading into an already busy day.

In 1946 George Orwell wrote an essay that not only made the biggest difference in my writing but also in how I perceive the world around me. His article, Politics and the English Language, is the best essay on political writing ever written. His commentary on political and bureaucratic propaganda is as valid today as it was fifty years ago when he wrote this. I cannot watch a Powerpoint presentation the same way again. His rules are simple:

1. Never use a metaphor, simile, or other figure of speech which you are used to seeing in print.
2. Never us a long word where a short one will do.
3. If it is possible to cut a word out, always cut it out.
4. Never use the passive where you can use the active.
5. Never use a foreign phrase, a scientific word, or a jargon word if you can think of an everyday English equivalent.
6. Break any of these rules sooner than say anything outright barbarous.

Writing well and improving at it is hard work. Like regular exercise, make reading and writing part of every day. Learn and use the techniques of Strunk and White, George Orwell, and Stephen King and you will become a better writer.
This work is released under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license.

Blog of the week

This blog is a goldmine of information for writers, especially for those of you looking for telecommuting jobs.  Check out Inky Girl The design is cool too!

Have a wonderful and productive Tuesday.

Happy Monday! Here are the markets

* Freelance Copy Writer/Editor Needed A.S.A.P.
My company is in need of a articulate, dynamic experienced/accomplished and/or accredited writer, who can polish and edit a business/marketing plan, a press kit and a pitch for a television show that we have created. We also need a writer to create press releases and copy for ads that we are running on cable and network stations. The pay is modest but writer(s) could have a great future with our company. Please reply with a sample (please not more than one page) of your work and style. Compensation: TBD on experience. Contact


PAY: per project
Seeking freelance writers of all backgrounds who are interested in Middle Eastern culture, events and issues. Over the course of the past four years, Aramica has established itself as a paper at the forefront of the Arab-American community on the East Coast, and as such, is the only paper to be all inclusive of the diverse subgroups considered to be Arab-American. This unique advantage has made it a valuable reference point for the Arab-American community as well as for anyone wishing to learn more about our issues. We are looking for submissions from Arabic and English writers from New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Pennsylvania who can cover events, and write about what is happening in your neighborhood, school, and organizations as well as write about themes that are relevant to our community. Let your voice be heard and be a part of our community! Prospective writers should reply with a brief cover letter and embed in an email their CV and writing samples to:


Publication Name: Winding Road
Current Needs: Reviews of the latest cars and classics. Reports news
of upcoming cars and automotive events. Winding Road is a free on-
line publication.
Payment Amount: $100-1,500
Pays On Publication
Submissions Guidelines: Request by e-mail at


writers to contribute..
We are looking for smart and savvy
writers who live and breathe what's
new, cool, and different in canine
trends. We are looking for writers
to contribute stories on canine
fashion, travel, gadgets, services,
must have writing experience.
must have a sense of humor.
must be located in or around new york.
Please send cover letter explaining
why you are a good fit for petaholica,
a resume, and at least 3 relevant
writing samples. is an online
lifestyle and canine luxury editorial
column. we cover the latest and
Compensation: TBD
Reply to:


* Funny Freelance Writer Needed
PAY: to be discussed
We are a SF-based magazine that is looking for good/funny writers who are experienced in writing satircal and humor pieces. Interested writers, please contact us at to discuss more about the opportunity and pay rate.


* K-8 Curriculum Writers Wanted!
PAY: $25/lesson
Afterschool Inc. Publishing is searching for curriculum writers for its Problem Solvers(c) Curriculum. We pay $25 per lesson and there is no limit to the number of lessons you can write! Go to under the Writers Wanted Link and then under the Problem Solvers(c) Submission Guidelines. Folowing the guidelines and send your submission by mail. We are seriously looking for a number of writers. Send resumes as attachments only or any other questions to 


Go World Travel Magazine, P.O. Box 811, Golden, CO 80402. Email: Website: Heike Schmidt, Senior Editor. 70% freelance. "Go World Travel Magazine is an international online travel magazine covering the world's most fascinating people and places." Welcomes new writers: "For those without a stack of clips, we prefer to review the finished ms." Circ. N/A. Monthly. Pays on publication. Publishes ms 1-3 months after acceptance. Buys non-exclusive online rights. Accepts reprints. Sample online. Subscription N/A. Guidelines online.
CURRENT NEEDS: "We're looking for profiles of fascinating people from around the world, as well as interesting travel essays and articles. We cover the world, so we're open to stories from just about anywhere. We're especially interested in writers who can cover a destination from an insider's perspective. AT THE MOMENT, WE ARE ESPECIALLY IN NEED OF ARTICLES ON NORTH AMERICAN DESTINATIONS. Go World Travel provides content that goes beyond the usual articles carried in newspaper travel sections. We want to know more than how to get to a place or what to do there. Tell us about the people who call this destination home, the treasured regional customs, or the places where locals hang out. We want to smell the aromas, taste the food, explore the streets and walk down hidden paths. Go World Travel aims to help our readers experience a destination. Please keep in mind that our readers span the globe, so the magazine is written from an international perspective." Pays flat fee of $25 for non-exclusive rights to feature articles of 600-1200 words with photos. Pays flat fee of $15 for short departmental pieces. Considers reprints. Submit complete ms or query with clips to Please state availability of photos, but do not send images until requested.
PHOTOS/ART: "The magazine is highly visual. Digital photos accompany each piece. The writer supplies photos or we can source them from a tourism bureau." Payment included in article fee.
HINTS: "Please read our writer's guidelines carefully. The guidelines describe exactly what we are looking for."



* Writers, Editors, Photographers
PAY: negotiable
New arts magazine to be published July 1st seeking writers who can communicate with a sound understanding the issue at hand. Our magazine highlights music, fashion, visual art, news and social commentary. If you are able to demonstrate intellect, wit and a somewhat "know it all" attitude without being elementary, send us a sample of your writing. Contact


* Write Real Estate or Relocation Articles and Get Paid!
PAY: $20
TotalMove is paying up to $20 per submission for real estate, moving and home improvement articles. We are seeking articles on specific topics that we know to be popular and sought after by people searching on the internet. Some examples include "Personal Experience Stories from Home Sellers", "How Did You Decide between House or Condo", "How Did You find Services Near Your Home," etc. Articles about specific real estate locations and regions are also strongly encouraged – see our guidelines for hometown reports. All articles need to be a minimum of 300 words. Additionally, we do not offer compensation for previously published material.


Bookmarks magazine (
works with writers on following types of content:
* Consensus-oriented book reviews. These reviews are the
heart of the magazine and typically where most writers start
working with us. You may see an example here:
Once a book is assigned, the writer reads the relevant
published book reviews from major newspapers and magazines.
The final piece consists of a brief plot or content summary,
a critic quote and rating applied to the book from each review
(as determined by the writer), and a "critical summary" in which
the critics' reviews are highlighted, discussed and reconciled.
* "What One Book" is a column where we solicit advice from a
panel of experts on the best books on a particular topic. If you
have access to authorities in a particular field, we would be
interested in proposals on those topics.
* Classic Author or Genre "Book by Book" profiles. These are our
most complex pieces, and we typically work with writers we know
well or who have considerable experience. Our 3,500 word profiles
provide a concise review of work by a renowned author or within
a genre (biographies, history, graphic novels).
You may submit a resume and short ( fewer than 1,000 words)
book- or literary-related writing sample in the text of your email
message. We will NOT consider applications without a writing
sample. No phone calls or email attachments, please.
All writing samples and queries should be typed and double
spaced with the writer's name and address on the cover sheet.
We regret that we cannot respond or return unsolicited manuscripts.
Compensation: TBD
Reply to: managing editor,


* DREAM Magazine
PAY: $100-$600 per article
A new men's magazine, is seeking talented writers for editorial submissions. DREAM strives to be a unique publication able to successfully merge the sophisticated editorial and artistic/elegant nudity of "Playboy" with trendier design and theme concepts such as those found in "Maxim", "FHM", and "Stuff". We're seeking a variety of writers capable of matching our unique tone and style. DREAM writers are witty, intelligent, and humorous with a knack for developing unique article concepts. If interested, please submit resume/CV as well as writing samples to


* Veteran's group
PAY: varies
Freelance writer needed to work on news articles for nonprofit publication focusing on veterans' issues. Should be able to find sources, conduct interviews and write a good lead. This publication is focused on Massachusetts veterans. All experience levels welcome to apply. Contact


* Published Fantasy Author Needed for Ghostwriting
Our professional writing service is looking for a Garcia Marquez style fantasy writer to ghostwrite a fantasy romance novel. If you have at least 2 successfully published novels, please send a brief description of your qualifications, 2 writing samples and a contact phone number. Contact


* Halloween Mask Stories Wanted
PAY: $25
I have an assignment that should be fun for a change.  I need freelance writers to write an original story centered around a halloween mask. It can be scary, humorous, anecdotal… whatever occurs to you. Interested? I pay standard rates $25/600, and am looking for 1 to 4 pages. I pay via paypal.
Kind regards, John Bottomley 


* Online Magazine – Movie Critic
PAY: $25 – $50 per review – paid via paypal
Online magazine seeks movie critic. Our primary readership is male btw the ages of 18-24. To be considered you must submit an edgy, entertaining review on a current movie. Do not hold back. Make us laugh and youll get the gig. This is an amazing experience for an up and coming writer to develop a following. No attachments please. – Include the review in the body of your email. Contact


* Freelance Writers – Edmonton Life
Captive Multi Media Group Inc. is looking for talented local freelance writers for a new regional magazine called Edmonton Life. We’re looking for sharp, experienced freelance writers (previously-published in well-known, credible magazines and newspapers) who can create masterful articles for Edmonton Life, a general interest city magazine targeted at upscale readers between the ages of 35-55. Qualifications: We have a specific need for the following local writers: The Shopping Writer Hands down, you love to shop and find intriguing items. Your heart skips a beat when you discover high-end, to-die-for products that will delight our upscale readers. You can spot a cool trend a mile away, and you walk, eat, and breathe shopping. You have great connections with local retailers and know how to get in touch with the folks at corporate to get details and product photos. You’re in tune with everything from tech gadgets to trendy clothing designers and you love to write about it in a fun, succinct manner. If you have a passion for shopping and writing, please send your clips that reflect said passion. The Home Décor Writer You’ve got serious style in the home department and you know the importance of creating the perfect home surroundings. Your strength lies in sharing exciting trends with readers and delivering unique home décor advice and tips. You follow décor trends like crazy and can write colourful home-oriented articles of the calibre seen in Canadian House & Home, Style at Home and other top shelter titles. You keep up with the local home décor scene and love to discover new products. You can write about everything from the perfect patio, to home accessories, luxury furniture, high-end kitchen appliances, and transforming a room. Please send your clips. The Money Writer You love money. You love helping people with money save money and spend money wisely. You’re chockfull of tips on wealth building and money management and you have very creative, fun ideas on how to entertain our affluent audience with smart money articles. It’s not all about investing; it’s about life. Here are just a few ideas we might throw your way: Create the perfect prenuptial agreement; How to choose insurance that suits your lifestyle; How to invest locally. You’ll come with plenty of your own ideas, too, and together we’ll develop terrific copy. You have experience writing about money and investing and you know who to call to get the job done. Tech Writer Let's face it, you're a geek. You also happen to be a terrific writer who can spin exciting yarns about the world of technology and how it relates to everyday life. Your love of technology, gadgets, trends, and fun tips makes you the perfect fit for a magazine section that will entertain and help people learn more about technology. You have your eye on big picture and local trends, and you can translate difficult topics into enjoyable copy for tech-lovers at all levels. You're an early adopter of cool tech gadgets and you love to share your new-found trinkets. Send your resume, introduction letter (indicating you found this opportunity on and published clips to:
Candace Korchinsky
Captive Multi Media Group Inc.
1420 Parsons Road SW
Edmonton , AB
T6X 1M5 ,
Tel: (780) 424-6222
Fax: (780) 425-8392
Web address:

* Editors, Writing Coaches, and Ghostwriters
WordTechs Writing Services is looking for quality editors, writing coaches and ghostwriters who can polish written works from rough to marketable. Must be ethical, reliable, and able to meet deadlines. Successful candidates will possess a positive attitude and willingness to go the extra mile to help a client reach their writing goals. Pay: varies by contract, competitive rates. Location: telecommute. Requirements: Positive attitude, Demonstrated editing and writing skills (tested), Ability to meet deadlines and work with others, Microsoft Word. Helpful: Degree. Apply to: NO PHONE CALLS