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Freelancing Jobs for Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Here are a couple of really good freelance jobs for you to check out. Please pass the link to this post along if you know of another writer or blogger who is looking for work. Have a great Tuesday!

Email Sales Letter Writer
Essay and Book Writers Needed
Writers and Bloggers, $10 per 1000 page views + ad revenue
Great paid writing opportunity for beginners
Trend Reporter Ages 22-32


Now THIS is an Odd Job!

You always read ads where people are offering to do odd jobs. They usually mean things like mowing, home repair, tree trimming, trash hauling, you know. But I talked to a client today who has a website about making money, and he told me a story that made me really laugh out loud. See, the client is interested in strange, wacky and unusual ways that people find to make money.

He told me of a man in Las Vegas who makes his living finding wedding rings thrown on the side of the road. Hah! I really have to admire his ingenious thinking. Can’t you just see a couple getting drunk in Vegas, total strangers, and the next day on the way back home the woman realizes what a nutty thing that was to do and throws the diamond ring her new ‘husband’ gave her out the car window? Boy I can.

Do you know of some really crazy or odd ways that people make money? If so, why not leave a comment and tell us about it. It will be fun to see what other unusual ways crafty folks come up with to make money.

Freelancing Jobs for Friday, September 25, 2009

Has this month flown by or what? I can’t believe it is already almost over. Anyway, here are some jobs for ya’ll to check out. Good luck and have a wonderful weekend.

Collagen blogger, 10% sales commission
Article Rewriters–$150-$200 week
Bloggers on various subjects–$25 per post, $50 featured story
Content writers, starting at $8 an hour
Certified interpreters
Write for Suite 101, revenue share
Teen Specialist, Love to Know

New Place to Find Blogging Jobs

I went to craigslist this morning with the intentions of finding jobs to post today. But I found a listing advertising a site where you can find blogging jobs for free, a new site that I had never heard of. So I signed up, expecting it to cost something, or there to be a catch, but to my pleasant surprise there wasn’t. There were six blogging jobs listed that I had not seen anywhere else.

The site is called You just sign up, post your resume if you like, your picture, make a profile, and companies needing bloggers can find you, or you can look for jobs on your own.

I like this. I applied for a job, no charge, no misleading information.

Freelancing Jobs for Tuesday, Sept 22, 2009

Here are some jobs to check out. If you see one that suits a freelancing acquaintance, be sure to pass it along.

Origami/paper craft writer

Content Divas is hiring

Eco-conscious writers

Bilingual writers to translate

Experienced writers and bloggers, $30-$45 per post

$10 per 1000 views + ad revenue/writers/bloggers

Twitter and Facebook poster/fashion

Health insurance writer/editor, associates degree required

Demand Studios/Live Strong needs writers

Love to Know/cake decorating writer

Using the Time Waiting on Job Reply Productively

There are probably a lot of you freelance writers, bloggers and internet marketers who already practice this method of being productive while you wait to hear back from potential employers. If you aren’t using these methods of making your job hunting and waiting time productive, I hope these tips will be helpful to you. Of course, if you haven’t been looking for an online job that long, you will just want to keep on applying for more jobs. It IS a numbers game, after all, and there is a LOT of competition for interesting work with good pay.

However, if you have been applying for jobs left and right, day after day, and especially if you have a couple of special jobs you REALLY, REALLY want, instead of sitting around stressing, or getting frustrated because there are no emails from employers who have realized what a brilliant talent you are, there are several ways to make good use of the interim.

Of course, writing for penny payers like AC or TextBrokers is one option. But if you are like me and fed up with working for peanuts and you know for sure that you will soon get a job that pays well and that you love, if you just keep trying, one way to be productive is to use Google Chrome when you visit job sites. Why Google Chrome as the browser of choice? Because the neat little trick it performs is to save every site you have visited in the History section of your tools. No having to remember to save the sites to favorites. Just go back to your history and you will find every site you have visited.

Using Google Chrome as your browser will allow you not to have to apply for the job right there on the spot. You won’t even want to, because for one thing, you feel very good about your chances to land more than one job you have already applied for, and for another, all you are doing is seeking a backup plan in case one of those jobs you are hoping to get doesn’t pan out. There is no sense in wasting yours or a prospective employee or client’s time by applying for a job you very well might not take or don’t want. There’s enough crap content online without adding to it, due to the fact that you hate what you are doing.

Another way to make use of your time is to look for jobs on craigslist, but not apply for them right then and there. The way to do this is to check out the top right hand top of the ad for the job you are viewing. There is a link there that says, “Email this job to a friend.” Almost everyone has more than one email address. So email the job to yourself at one of your other email addresses. That way, the job will be sitting there waiting for you if you need to apply for it in a few hours, or a few days.

Good luck on your job search. I am enjoying the process for one of the first times in a long time. Once I decided to refuse writing for peanuts and stop taking jobs that I hate just to make money, I felt such relief, and also the surety in my heart that the perfect job for me is right around the corner.

150 Words Could Win You $500!

I don’t enter contests that often but when I ran across this one at Xomba.Com, I just had to join in, and also share the information with my readers. This is the easiest writing contest I have ever seen, and also the most lucrative and fun.

The skinny is this: You join the site, which takes about 5 minutes and is no hassle. Then you post 150 words as what they call a “Xombabyte” (dang! spell check even approved that word just now!) describing your dream job. That’s it. You can enter as many times as you wish between now and November 9th, 2009 at midnight.

Now you might think that the prizes for this contest are minimal. But in thinking that you would be wrong. has listed their winnings as follows:

Every winner gets a t-shirt

1st Prize–$500
2nd Prize–$250
3rd Prize–$150
4th Prize–$100

What did I tell you? Have you ever seen a contest that pays that well for such a fun and easy entry, and even lets you enter as many times as you want? I am going to get over there and start going nuts, because I have way more than one dream job. But I think I will start with a famous writer. Yeah, like Harper Lee, who wrote one book, To Kill a Mockingbird, and is still living large off of the residuals, and who also remains elusively mysterious by never granting interviews and living reclusively. Or, maybe I would be a pirate’s girlfriend, getting gold gifts every time my Johnny Depp-looking boyfriend brought home his latest bootie. :)

Head over to Xomba.Com and get your dream job postings started today. What fun! I’ll see you there.