Just for Fun

Just for Fun

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I have got to brag on my family. Here is a link to my daughter-in-law Emily’s blog with pictures of her, my son and my two gorgeous, sweet granddaughters. Emily could be a professional photographer. The pictures are beautiful. They are in Denver and it has snowed there for a week. Take a minute to check them out.

Here are Lucy and Edy.


Edy and Lucy Halloween

I am the luckiest grandma ever~!




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  2. Adorable! Look at the look on their faces!

  3. I know! That’s the reason I picked that particular picture, it truly shows how much they love each other. Almost makes your heart melt, huh?

    Check out the pictures on Emily’s blog. Wow, Colorado is beautiful and there are a lot more of the girls. Also Justin and Emily dressed up for Halloween as Dog the Bounty Hunter and Beth, his wife. They look so funny!

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