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150 Words Could Win You $500!

I don’t enter contests that often but when I ran across this one at Xomba.Com, I just had to join in, and also share the information with my readers. This is the easiest writing contest I have ever seen, and also the most lucrative and fun.

The skinny is this: You join the site, which takes about 5 minutes and is no hassle. Then you post 150 words as what they call a “Xombabyte” (dang! spell check even approved that word just now!) describing your dream job. That’s it. You can enter as many times as you wish between now and November 9th, 2009 at midnight.

Now you might think that the prizes for this contest are minimal. But in thinking that you would be wrong. has listed their winnings as follows:

Every winner gets a t-shirt

1st Prize–$500
2nd Prize–$250
3rd Prize–$150
4th Prize–$100

What did I tell you? Have you ever seen a contest that pays that well for such a fun and easy entry, and even lets you enter as many times as you want? I am going to get over there and start going nuts, because I have way more than one dream job. But I think I will start with a famous writer. Yeah, like Harper Lee, who wrote one book, To Kill a Mockingbird, and is still living large off of the residuals, and who also remains elusively mysterious by never granting interviews and living reclusively. Or, maybe I would be a pirate’s girlfriend, getting gold gifts every time my Johnny Depp-looking boyfriend brought home his latest bootie. :)

Head over to Xomba.Com and get your dream job postings started today. What fun! I’ll see you there.