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Man Has it Been a Long Time!

Wow, time really does fly and so much has happened in my life since I last posted here. I am now blogging professionally and handling social media and content management for clients. I have come a long way. I also have a publisher reading my novel, THE SUN SHINES ON MADDY WEAVER. Yep, still working on that and I WILL get it published!

I have a personal blog that list all my creative writing credits, visit it to check out my stuff.  I also have a website called PromotingYou.Org which explains what I do for clients. I offer free consultation and I’m affordable. My current client, Cook Roofing Jersey Shore, I am proud to say I took to the first page of Google for several of their desired keywords in less than 3 weeks. Yeah me!

It’s feels great to be writing on my first blog again. I created this blog back in 2006 when I was just beginning to blog and searching for publishers for Maddy. A lot of personal stuff went down after that, but things are fantastic now. Just goes to show, you gotta hang around to see what happens next! I have divorced since then so my name is now Grier, but I still want to maintain this blog again, it has a special place in my heart.


Making Your Own Rules…My Mantra, I Suppose

Reading this wonderful post at Mashable this morning made me smile big. I have always pretty much lived by my own rules. Now saying this is not bragging, that’s for sure! Frank Sinatra is really one of the few people who got away with doing things, “My Way!” People, especially family and friends, get highly upset when you don’t follow the status quo. Don’t rock the boat, you hear, or at least I did. Thank God I wouldn’t listen. Like Thoreau mused, “I have taken the road less traveled, and that has made all the difference.”

But living life on my own terms has certainly carried a high price tag. However, I can say without hesitation that I am happy the majority of the time. If people are honest, you won’t find many who feel that way.

Make sure to read the post in the link above. It will remind you why you are an entrepreneur or self employed, which most of the people I know who read this blog are; either freelance writers or bloggers, or Internet Marketers.

Making your own rules, or at least not following the advice of the masses, is the only real way to remain true to yourself. If you trust your own good judgment, and know without doubt you are doing the right thing, in the end will only bring success. Stand tall, be proud. Confidence is the  most attractive feature you can possess.

(Oh yeah!) I have bought the domain for my business and life coaching site. Yee haw!) I will not share the link until I get it purty. :)