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Telecommuting Jobs for Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Before I list today’s telecommuting jobs, here is a tip for those interested in corporate housing. The concept is brilliant. Corporations who have employees that travel save a great amount of money, which they will hopefully pass on to said employees, by investing in housing rather than constantly renting motel or hotel rooms. It is a win-win for all, the employee gets a nice apartment rather than an impersonal hotel room, the corporation saves money. Check out and/or pass along this information. Thanks.

Now, a great list of jobs for today:

Freelance Writer

Audio Book Readers

Suite 101 Needs Writers–Revenue Share

Legal News Writers

Research Project needs completion asap

Love Stories Needed

Math Content Developers


Freelance Jobs for Thursday, Sept. 3, 2009

Eco-friendly web content writer
Gen-Ex Finance Newsletter writer
Copy Editor w/financial trading experience
Technology/Gadget Blogger
Expat Writer for Canadian market(pass this one on to your foreign writing friends, great pay!)