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Now THIS is an Odd Job!

You always read ads where people are offering to do odd jobs. They usually mean things like mowing, home repair, tree trimming, trash hauling, you know. But I talked to a client today who has a website about making money, and he told me a story that made me really laugh out loud. See, the client is interested in strange, wacky and unusual ways that people find to make money.

He told me of a man in Las Vegas who makes his living finding wedding rings thrown on the side of the road. Hah! I really have to admire his ingenious thinking. Can’t you just see a couple getting drunk in Vegas, total strangers, and the next day on the way back home the woman realizes what a nutty thing that was to do and throws the diamond ring her new ‘husband’ gave her out the car window? Boy I can.

Do you know of some really crazy or odd ways that people make money? If so, why not leave a comment and tell us about it. It will be fun to see what other unusual ways crafty folks come up with to make money.