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Telecommuting Jobs for Thursday, October 29, 2009

FortWorth_matchmaking_63865141 I am feeling spunky this morning, as you can see from the picture to the left. Isn’t that the cutest thing? I guess I’m in the Halloween spirit. I actually carved my very first pumpkin a few days ago. Also, this guy I have been dating is coming over to pass out candy to the tricker treaters with me on Saturday night, and he bought a gross amount of candy for the event.  (He also has bought me flowers twice and took me shopping for a new desk chair, and he paid for it, wouldn’t let me! Woot! I think I found a keeper.)

I would appreciate it if, before you check out the jobs I have found for you this morning, you would take a minute to click on the following link that has information on the best options for electronic shipping. Especially right now, before the big Christmas holiday shopping rush, it’s a perfect time to do the research for your electronic shipping needs.

Also, I’d love it if you checked out TruthDaily.Com, the political blog where I have been the author for about a month. I have always stayed on the sidelines when it came to getting involved in politics, but that has certainly changed since I began blogging for Truth Daily. Wow, the political scene is exciting but very dirty business. I try to offer the fairest viewpoint on all the issues, though sometimes it’s hard. Still, it’s fun and challenging.

Now, to the jobs!

One of the best places to find telecommuting jobs and also stay up-to-date on the latest web content writing, while hobknobbing with others who work from home, is at the WAHM forum.

ALL OF THE JOBS LISTED BELOW ARE WORK FROM HOME: It really bugs me when I find a site that list telecommuting jobs and they have a bunch that are NOT telecommuting! Time wasted, and misleading.

Senior Acquisitions Editor

Help Needed with Novel, Editing

Book Reviewers

Film Buffs and TV Addicts

Make Money Posting on Your Facebook Page

Soccer Coach/Writer

Experienced Wikipedia Author

Copywriter w/5 yrs experience and SEO knowledge

Experienced Direct Response and BtoB Copywriter

Small Business/Web Design Blogger

Marketing/PR Blogger

Find Blogging Jobs

Free White Paper on Marketing


Telecommuting Jobs for Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Before I list today’s telecommuting jobs, here is a tip for those interested in corporate housing. The concept is brilliant. Corporations who have employees that travel save a great amount of money, which they will hopefully pass on to said employees, by investing in housing rather than constantly renting motel or hotel rooms. It is a win-win for all, the employee gets a nice apartment rather than an impersonal hotel room, the corporation saves money. Check out and/or pass along this information. Thanks.

Now, a great list of jobs for today:

Freelance Writer

Audio Book Readers

Suite 101 Needs Writers–Revenue Share

Legal News Writers

Research Project needs completion asap

Love Stories Needed

Math Content Developers

Using the Time Waiting on Job Reply Productively

There are probably a lot of you freelance writers, bloggers and internet marketers who already practice this method of being productive while you wait to hear back from potential employers. If you aren’t using these methods of making your job hunting and waiting time productive, I hope these tips will be helpful to you. Of course, if you haven’t been looking for an online job that long, you will just want to keep on applying for more jobs. It IS a numbers game, after all, and there is a LOT of competition for interesting work with good pay.

However, if you have been applying for jobs left and right, day after day, and especially if you have a couple of special jobs you REALLY, REALLY want, instead of sitting around stressing, or getting frustrated because there are no emails from employers who have realized what a brilliant talent you are, there are several ways to make good use of the interim.

Of course, writing for penny payers like AC or TextBrokers is one option. But if you are like me and fed up with working for peanuts and you know for sure that you will soon get a job that pays well and that you love, if you just keep trying, one way to be productive is to use Google Chrome when you visit job sites. Why Google Chrome as the browser of choice? Because the neat little trick it performs is to save every site you have visited in the History section of your tools. No having to remember to save the sites to favorites. Just go back to your history and you will find every site you have visited.

Using Google Chrome as your browser will allow you not to have to apply for the job right there on the spot. You won’t even want to, because for one thing, you feel very good about your chances to land more than one job you have already applied for, and for another, all you are doing is seeking a backup plan in case one of those jobs you are hoping to get doesn’t pan out. There is no sense in wasting yours or a prospective employee or client’s time by applying for a job you very well might not take or don’t want. There’s enough crap content online without adding to it, due to the fact that you hate what you are doing.

Another way to make use of your time is to look for jobs on craigslist, but not apply for them right then and there. The way to do this is to check out the top right hand top of the ad for the job you are viewing. There is a link there that says, “Email this job to a friend.” Almost everyone has more than one email address. So email the job to yourself at one of your other email addresses. That way, the job will be sitting there waiting for you if you need to apply for it in a few hours, or a few days.

Good luck on your job search. I am enjoying the process for one of the first times in a long time. Once I decided to refuse writing for peanuts and stop taking jobs that I hate just to make money, I felt such relief, and also the surety in my heart that the perfect job for me is right around the corner.

Freelance Jobs for Friday, Aug. 7, 2009

There are some jobs listed here that you won’t find on any other boards, because I pay to get them. Pass the word along and have a great weekend! Happy job hunting! (Come back Monday for more job listings.)



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Comments about these jobs, links to more jobs, or discussion about writing, blogging and internet marketing are invited and even encouraged! Let the ranting/sharing/communicating begin! :)